Why Me

I have no idea why the Lord is asking me to do this, but He has continued to place it strongly on my heart over the past month, that I have to obey. I literally feel like I have kicked and screamed to avoid this. I have told myself so many times that I would never do this kind of thing because there are so many wonderful, respectable Christian bloggers out there. But in everything the Lord has ever asked me, I have to be faithful. So, here I am.

I think my purpose in doing this is to share who I know God to be, so that you might seek him for yourself. He is holy, loving, merciful, strong, full of grace, active and moving all around us, and so jealous for our hearts to be His alone. Over time, I might see more clearly why He has led me to this. Until then, I will be sharing whatever I feel He is speaking to me, and I will probably kick and scream before I do and then share.


7 thoughts on “Why Me

  1. Cathy Phillips says:

    It’s crystal clear to me why you are doing this! God has called you, young woman of the word to share the passions of His heart.
    These are thoughtful and encouraging.
    Keep writing!!!
    He sees you.

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